The time has finally come for you to build a new house, or do that major renovation you’ve been dreaming.

But, you find yourself overwhelmed with choices:

Tile or hardwood?

Marble or butcher block counters?

You’re style savvy and already know what looks good, but is it practical?

Where does form meet function to create a home that is both beautiful and easy to take care of?

This week, we’ve rounded up 5 situations that have been maintenance issues for homeowners in the past, and their realistic solutions.

Glass Stair Railings

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Those glass stair railings are so crazy modern chic and you have to have them.

You’ve acknowledged and come to terms with the fact that they will need to be squeegeed obsessively to keep that chic look– but have you considered how the glass is placed?

If there is not enough space between the stairs and the glass railing debris can be trapped inside where over time it will start to look dirty and dingy.

With no way to clean in those crevices, your stairs can go from sleek to bleak in a matter of months.

You can still have it all!

When building or renovating make sure to have at least an inch gap between the sides of your stairs and railing to ensure that it is easy to get into those crevices.

Photo by Simpatico Interior Design

Marble Counter Tops

That Martha-Stewart-kitchen-worthy marble you installed is more that you has signed up for.

It stains easily and requires you to use special stone cleaner— a detail your husband is less than thrilled by.

Consider building with non-porous soapstone, caesarstone, or quartz.

The only catch of these easier to maintain countertops is the price.

Photo by Leela Cyd Rose

Your Furniture Placement

Your living room is always impeccably clean– just don’t look too close!

Your couch and entertainment center is wedged into the corner, your entertainment center has a messy tangle of cords at the back and both are dust bunny magnets!

It’s kind of a pain to drag the furniture out to dust and vacuum.

Consider placing your furniture where it is easy to access.

Have light, easy to clean behind furniture up against your walls, and keep your cords tangle-free by investing in a cord management system.

Cramped apartment leaving you with limited options?

Try leaving a small gap behind your sofa where you or your cleaners can fit a vacuum head to catch those dust bunnies.

Photo by Claudia Leccacorvi

Shower Tile

That shower tile was so beautiful the day you installed it.

Clean and crisp white lines contrasted with the gorgeous glass tile you lovingly picked out.

But the honeymoon is over, and mildew and soap scum are sneaking to basically ruin your life.

Before you build or renovate your bathroom ask your builders (or your home renovation store rep if you’re a DIY kinda person) whether the grout you are using is unsanded and self-sealing.

Unsanded grout is best for bathrooms because it’s less porous.

Self-sealing grout takes a step out of the process and makes for a quicker and easier install.

Not convinced that a self-sealing grout will do the trick?

It never hurts to seal your grout each year to ensure that your grout stays as fresh and white as the day you fell in love with it.

Photo by Encircle Design and Build

Hardwood Floors

That shiny, gorgeous hardwood you installed is breathtaking.

You may have bent down to pet it a morning after you installed and whispered sweet nothings in its… grooves.

All totally normal things to do when we’re in love.

But your hardwood floor has a dark side, or should we say a smudgy side?

It’s footprints city baby– and it’s the city that never sleeps.

Consider a matte or satin finish on your floors vs. high gloss.

You will still get the same wood look you love, without being angry at your floors for revealing that you definitely have a greasy foot problem.

Photo by Footprint Floors

Bonus: if you have pets or kids, your floors won’t reveal all their adorable little messes and scratches nearly as fast as high-gloss floors would.

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